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Waterfalls and Cascades

The streams and rivers of the next category are at their finest as they tumble over rocks and cliffs on their way to the oceans. Many here are only exist at the peak of the wet season.

Streams and Rivers

Some mighty streams flow through north Queensland to the Coral Sea and Gulf. All start as a drop of rain on the Dividing Range picking up volume and character as they travel through outstanding landscapes on the journey to the coast.

Abstracts, Textures and Moods

Pieces of the landscapes in close-up, reflected or seen in an unusual light. When you have seen the big picture and now you go looking for the interesting detail. Click on the image and see how I sometimes see things.

Beaches and Coastline

Tropical Wilderness beaches – one of my favourite places and photographic subjects. Walking along a remote beach where the only footprints are your own and maybe crocodile and cassowary.


The tropical islands of north Queensland are everything the brochures promise and more. Some are easy to get to while others require some effort. The results are always worthwhile.

Plants, Flowers and Trees

The diversity of ecosystems of the far north provide an endless variety of shape and form of our flora. From the mightiest tree to the smallest fungi. Here is a small representation from my perspective

Wet Tropical Landscapes

The big scenes and the small. I came to the north in search of these landscapes and over 35 years I believe I found them.

Sunrises and Sunsets

I have to have a category for these images. Sunrises and sunsets are the go to subjects for budding photographers and most of us are a sucker for a good one. This is a collection of some favourites. Often it’s not the sky that is the subject but what it is reflecting upon.

Dry Country Landscapes

The tropical north isn’t always wet though sometimes the landscape changes dramatically for a brief period of time. Included in this category are scenes from some all too brief sojourns into central Queensland and Australia.

Cape York

A handful of photos cannot do justice to Cape York. It is a tough environment to photograph but the journeys to collect them are memorable.

Central and Southern Queensland Northern New South Wales

I sometimes venture out of my backyard and explore further afield. Born and bred in south-east Queensland it’s nice to return to see how things have or haven’t changed and view things through older eyes and better lenses.


I don’t claim to be a wildlife photographer but I am an opportunist. I like to have my subjects in their environment and see through the subject to what is beyond.

People, Places, Tourism and Tours

I am sometimes asked to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. How do you make human impact into an attractive photo. I see beauty in everything and human impact is part of our life and environment. Having someone or something adds another perspective. 

Blokes in the Wilderness!

The adventure in collecting these images is not lost on me or my companions. When a bunch of photographers go into the wilderness inevitably the cameras get turned on each other to often memorable effect.