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Paul Curtis

Abstracts, Textures and Moods

wilderness images and information


I have often laid on my back and looked up at the sky and found inspiration in what’s overhead. Monsoons and approaching storms offer endless variety and drama.


The forest floor, the high tide mark and waterfall backwaters are places you find lots of colourful detail subjects. Like clouds except you look down instead of up.

Living Artwork

Nature creates amazing one off moments sometimes never to be reproduced. Re-focus your eyes on the little scenes and discover the colour and the form.

Moods and Reflections

I like looking at landscapes through reflections. The water surface abstracts the scenery in a thousand random ways. Inverting the image then looks like a unique piece of artwork.

Oddities and Abstracts

Odd shots. Strange sights, quirky delights and some manufactured images when the whim takes me to experiment with a suitable image.


The touch of a smooth, cool rock is like the strength you feel at the touch of a huge tree. Colours and textures challenge the photographer to capture the moment and mood.

Water Shapes

Like nearly every outdoors photographer I am continually looking for shapes, patterns and the colours of flowing water. A super slow shot reveals patterns of flow while a fast shutter speed freezes droplets like diamonds.