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About Paul

I have been living in North Queensland since 1984 and visiting it regularly since 1975. One of my personal goals has been to become an authority on the out of the way places – the true North Queensland that many visitors hear about and come to see but rarely find anything more than the well worn tourist trails.

While this satisfies many, there are vast, almost untouched landscapes providing innumerable destinations where it is easy to feel immersed in a wilderness remote from regular human visitation. Hand in hand with this goal has been the objective of establishing the best wilderness image library of this part of the world.

Apart from a few exceptions in my gallery I have resisted the temptation of travelling further afield as many photographers do once they feel the need for further inspiration. I believe in sticking with the territory you know – and to get to know it better. After many years I am still finding fascinating places and great sites for photography. The variety of landscapes within a short drive from my home base in Kuranda is enormous and within the pages of my book, images on display or perhaps a “phototour”, I hope I can give you an appreciation of this country. Call me anytime as I am always enthusiastic to talk about my backyard.

— Paul Curtis


Five Stars!

 I haven’t enjoyed a day out like this in a long time – exploring new and breath-taking locations, and mucking around with my camera to my heart’s content. Throw in a friendly and knowledgeable local guide who brings great food and cups of tea, and can make stunning sunsets appear on command, what more could you ask for? It was just a great day out. Thanks Paul!!



A tour with Paul is a great experience! Far from the usual touristic tours, he will take you to the best hidden gems of North Queensland and as an excellent photographer he will choose the right time of the day and suggest you the best spot!



Our guide, Paul, made everything easy. Right from booking through to deciding if we wanted to see more things at the end of the day. He’s friendly and has a great knowledge of the area and is happy to talk cameras if you feel the need.